Meeting my producer

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Meeting My Producer

After five years of a lot of heartache, and life throwing me some incredibly difficult times that I had to work and heal through, I knew I was finally ready to work on music again.  This ache of missing starting creeping in and I just knew I would never feel fulfilled until I started working on my music again.  I didn’t know exactly what route to go, so I started putting it out there into the universe, hoping and praying, asking people questions, getting answers here and there, and so much more.

I had completely unrelatedly posted an ad online for a roommate.  A guy named Andre Kaden Black answered the ad, and mentioned he was in the music industry full time as a producer.  He didn’t end up being my roommate, and when he told me he had found another place, I said I was disappointed because I wanted to talk about music.  He said, “We don’t have to be roommates to talk about music!”  So true.  So we got together for coffee twice, which lasted 3 hours each time.  I just knew, that I wanted to record with him.  This is how “Beauty from Ashes” started.

Through Andre, I met some of the most talented guys in music, and it was an amazing experience.  We co-wrote some of the songs on the album, and went in and recorded them.  The result was amazing. I am SO happy that this came to my doorstep the way that it did.

Sometimes things you are hoping and reaching for just come to you.  Sometimes you gotta look REALLY hard, but other times, they fall into your lap (or your inbox!).

And that is how “Beauty from Ashes” came to be.

Much love,