Music Video: Not Really Gone

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Music Video: Not Really Gone

The song, Not Really Gone, is a song about my beautiful mom, who passed away 6 years ago.  This song took me 5 years to write after she passed away.  I tried over and over to write a song about her over the years, and it always just turned into tears.  In the summer of 2014, when this finally came out, it was incredibly beautiful and inspired.  Everything that I had gone through and said about the process of healing from the loss (one is never fully healed, but we move forward in life), came out in this song.  Every line rings true deeply in my heart with this song.  I always say that there is this new normal.  Things never go back to the way they were before loss.  In the song, there is a line about this that says, “The bubble of missing coexisting, in the corners of my heart….with the bubble of laughter, and the happily ever after…”.  And it’s so true.  The two just coexist: missing and happiness.  And they don’t touch each other, they don’t take away from the other.  They are just both there all the time.

In September 2015, I worked with a wonderful girl (Audriana) who I serendipitously met recently, on putting together a music video for this song.  I am so deeply excited to share it with all of you (look for it November 24!).  I know a lot of people have also been through loss and heartache, and I hope and pray that this song helps you to cry, heal, think through things, figure out your new normal…whatever it is that you need it to do to live a beautiful life that honours the person you have lost.

Much love,