Wedding Singer

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Wedding Singing

This summer, I was so honoured to sing at one of my best friend’s weddings.  I sang a beautiful song called “Your Love is Extravagant”, among others.  It was a gorgeous day (it started raining at the VERY end of the ceremony, and the only thing I was concerned about at that point were the speakers and keyboard haha), but we got it all inside pretty quickly.  Amazing, the power of a few strong people pitching in to help!

Singing at weddings has always been a love of mine.  There is just something so beautiful in creating an atmosphere of beauty, with music, for a couple about to do something so wonderful by pledging their lives to one another.  I LOVE the emotion, the promises, the flowers, the dresses, the groom’s face: everything about the moments that I sing someone up the aisle to meet her mate.

If you are getting married and are interested in live ceremony music, please contact me on my contact page.  It is something I always want to continue to be a part of.