Hi! My name is Andrea Gal and I’m so happy you have stumbled (on purpose or inadvertently) upon my page! The biggest gift in life I’ve been given is my musical talent: I am a singer, songwriter, and pianist, and I’ve won many competitions over the years and have been honoured in many ways, including being in the Top 33 in Canadian Idol, singing in front of 15,000 people at the MGM Grand, and having three original albums recorded, with a few songs on airplay on radio stations over the last 15 years in Canada. 

I mostly sing at wedding ceremonies and intimate functions now, and am working on creating a beautiful event night for women which will be an evening of coffee & tea, laughter & misty eyes as I share stories of loss, heartbreak, inspiration and hope, all intertwined with my music. I will be launching these magical nights of radiance Fall 2023.

Over the years, I have been focused on expanding my reach, to help women find and live their most radiant lives. That means, I want to gently guide women, no matter age or background, to uncover their dreams, and then work towards living them, to find joy in the process, and to live in happiness and wellness in mind, body and soul. 

body: I have lost a substantial amount of weight and I am currently on the journey to finish the process and get to my goal weight, which means I’ve discovered many ways to treat my body in more holistic ways, which I love sharing with you.

mind: my mindset has gone from despairing to powerful over the years as I’ve lived through the loss of both of my parents in my 20s, weight issues throughout my life, a heartbreaking divorce, financial ruin, and struggles with loneliness. I’ve always had a deep knowing that there is more for me out there; that I am made to do something great. The exciting thing is: we all are made for something great, but sadly, so many people don’t change their mindsets, so they continue to live in a “comfortable coma”, when in reality, their dream life is out there, waiting to be lived. It was in changing my mindset (which I still must work on daily), that I discovered so many secrets to joy, hope, and steps to create my dream life.

soul: my soul has dealt with a lot of grief, and I’ve had to learn to take care of it, through self care, loving myself, finding things and people that make me smile and warm my heart, and give me peace. Sharing those things with you is one of my greatest goals.

We always think that the things we’ve been through invalidate us from living an amazing life, from finding the right partner, from helping other people; when in fact, going through the difficult things in life are what build that strong, capable person who can then guide others in moving forward after those hardships, mistakes, and heartaches. (And yes, I know it still absolutely bites the big one to go through those hard times!) You are worthy of living the most beautiful life you’ve ever imagined, and I would be honoured to be a small part in helping you to see that it’s possible. No one is more special or anointed than anyone else; we are all meant to live in bliss, surrounded by love and adventure, greatness and peace. I just know I don’t want to get to the end of my life and regret the life I didn’t live, the roads I didn’t travel, the dreams in my heart that I never tried.

Dreams are not meant to die; they are meant as a preview of the life you could be living. 
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It’s time to live the life you want and are meant to live.



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